Coach: Andrej Pasalic

University of Zagreb Graduate (Graduation thesis: “Communication in Sport”) and FIFA “C” Licence. Coached with Croatian National Soccer Association, Youth Academy.

Played as a Professional with the following:

U-18, U-17, U-16, U-15 Croatian National Football Team

1994 – 2000 FC Dinamo Zagreb, (Croatia’s top team)
2000 – 2001 FC Hrvatski Dragovoljac,
2001 – 2003 FC Croatia Sesvete,
2003 – 2004 FC Lokomotiva
2004 – 2005 FC Samobor


Former Captain Dinamo Zagreb and former Captain of Croatian National Youth Teams.


The EMSA affiliated Edmonton Warriors Soccer Club is pleased to announce that effective September 01, 2008, former professional soccer star Nikola Vignjevic has joined the organization as Coaching Coordinator. Edmonton soccer fans will best know Nikola for his exciting and outstanding on-field skills as a leading member of past professional Edmonton Aviators and Drillers Soccer Clubs. He recently lead the professional Edmonton Drillers Indoor Team to the League Championship in the inaugural season of the Canadian Major Indoor Soccer League(CMISL).

During the last couple of years, Mr. Vignjevic had been associated with Youth teams playing in Edmonton. Nikola’s passion and commitment to the game of soccer continues to pay dividends. All of the youth teams that he has been appointed to the position of Head Coach, have qualified for the Alberta Provincial Championships. That is quite an achievement!

As Coaching Coordinator of the Edmonton Warriors Soccer Club, Mr. Vignjevic will be responsible for the appointment and administration of the entire Head Coaching staff, development and implementation of the technical program, and the recruitment of elite players who want to enter the EMSA competitive youth soccer program. He will also be Head Coach of the U-12 and U-18 Tier 1 Boys Teams, starting in the upcoming 2008/2009 Indoor Season.

The Executive of the Edmonton Warriors Soccer Club are very proud to have Nikola join our Team and we are looking forward to an outstanding level of success, as we raise the bar when it comes to the delivery of a competitive youth soccer Program, within EWZSA and EMSA. The addition of Mr. Vignjevic is the first in a series of major announcements that will be made by the Edmonton Warriors Soccer Club over the next couple of weeks. If you want to learn and be mentored by the “Best”, then we encourage all players to come to our upcoming 2008/2009 Indoor try-outs. It may change to way you approach competitive youth soccer, forever!

The Warriors are pleased to introduce our Technical Director Marco Azocar

Coaching Philosophy: To improve the quality and standards of youth soccer by teaching the fundamentals of the game, developing skills, sportsmanship and the value of teamwork in each player.

Certifications: Provincial B License Coach Level 3 Soccer Certification – 3M National Coaching Certification Program

Coaching Experience:

  • Head Coach of Warriors Men’s Division 1 Team
  • Head Coach of Warriors Premier Women’s Team
  • Head Coach of numerous Men’s & Women’s teams
  • Head Coach of numerous Youth teams

Player Experience:

  • Major League – Western Canada National Champions
  • 1981-2008 Member of numerous Men’s Premier and Major League Soccer Teams
  • 1975-1983 Member of numerous Youth Soccer Teams
  • Member of numerous Tournament & Provincial Championships

Coaching Accomplishments:

  • 2006-07 Division 1 Women’s League Champions
  • 2006 Division 2 Women’s League Champions
  • 2003 Division 2 Men’s League Champions
  • 2003 U-18 Boy’s Youth Provincial Champions
  • 2003 U-18 Boy’s League Champions
  • 2003 U-16 Girl’s Tier 1 League Champions
  • 2002 Youth Provincial Champions
  • 2000 U-15 Boy’s Division 1 City Champions
  • 2000 U-13 Girl’s Division 1 City Champions


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