Registration cost? Registration fees are outlined on our Registration page.

Time commitment? Outdoor season: 1 or 2 games and 1 or 2 practices per week. Games are citywide. Indoor season: 1 game and at least 2 practice per week. Games are played at:

Edmonton Soccer Centre West (17415 – 106A Ave) Edmonton Soccer Centre East (12720 Victoria Trail) Edmonton Soccer Centre South (6520 Roper Rd) Occasional games may be also be played at: Trans Alta Tri Leisure Centre (221 Campsite Road – Spruce Grove, AB)

Length of season? Outdoor season: May through August; Provincials for qualifying teams during August. Indoor season:  Mid-October to the end of February; Provincials for qualifying teams during March.

Tournaments? Warriors teams are encouraged to participate in at least two tournaments. Your coach will determine the actual number of tournaments. The Club provides each team with funds towards tournament registrations.

Coaches? We strive very hard to provide knowledgeable, committed coaches to coach in our program. A Coach’s Selection committee selects all of our coaches. Coaches are continually encouraged to upgrade their coaching credentials.

What programs do you offer? The Edmonton Warriors Soccer Club is part of the EMSA West. We offer the Boy’s & Girl’s Premier Program in U9 – U17.

Am I good enough to play? We encourage all skill levels to come to tryouts. You may be surprised that you fit in very well with club calibre soccer. Never feel that you’re “not good enough” — we are our own worst critics — so let the coaches & evaluators decide. If you tried out once before for the Warriors and didn’t make it, we strongly encourage you to give it another try.

Will I still be playing with my friends? Warrior teams are formed based upon year of birth (age appropriateness), so the answer is YES, if you both are trying out for the same team and both make the team. IF NOT, then you’ll be making new friends, just like going from one school to another.

Can I play Warriors and School Soccer at the same time? Yes, but you may find it difficult in terms of managing yourself between two soccer teams (could be as much as four games and four practices per week between both teams) and your school work. Some of our players play for Warriors, their school team & also attend the FC Edmonton Academy.

Can I play Warriors and Seniors at the same time? YES, but Alberta Soccer rules state that you must register for the Warriors Soccer Club first.

Do I have to live in your zone to play with the Warriors? No, Warriors soccer teams (as all other teams playing within the E.M.S.A. program) are allowed players (imports) who do not reside within their zone.

How do I tryout for Warrior Soccer Teams? You must register with the Warriors Soccer Club before you attend tryouts.

How do I register for the Warriors Soccer Club? Registration information for the Warriors Soccer Club will be updated on our web site as soon as the information is available. Advertising will appear to provide you with the actual dates, times and locations. Visit our Registration page for more information.

Forgot to register? Registration information for the Warriors Soccer Club will be updated on our web site as soon as the information is available.

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